All of us who are constitutes the UNiTY by Haris Ragavis family believe that social tender must be an integral part of entrepreneurship.

There is an important reason why we are being sensitized to the fight against cancer. This is none other than the loss of our favorite owner and founder of our company, Haris Ragavis, in March 2014.Having lived through the struggle that every man gives to this battle, we feel the need to find ways to support cancer patients and their families.
Being always faithful to the value of love and family, as Haris Ragavis taught us, we created the campaign #BetterTogether. Our goal is to support people and families who fight the cancer, while highlighting the importance of love we receive through relationships with our loved ones. Also we have the objective to get the right information about cancer issues and, above all, on the importance of prevention.
With the fashion as a weapon , we will do our best to make the effort titled #BetterTogether embraced by the most, and in this way give hope and strength to this difficult battle.

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