Since 1977

On February 1977, Harisis Ragavis opened at the popular street of Ermou, in Monastiraki, Athens, one of the first denim stores equipped with brands that until then the Greek market was unfamiliar with.

Since then, there are a lot of things that have change in the way we see the clothing commerce. Starting with the markets, the design of a modern store and the computerization up to the contemporary methods of communication and promotion of the product.

However, there is one thing that remains invariable so far, that is the love of our family for the clothes and our respect to our customers that keep trusting their outfit to us, for 35 years now…

Unity is what we need the most

This is the common sense that characterizes the function of our business in all sections. From the section of the economic organization and development and the marketing section, to the salesman in of our stores.

So it is with Unity that we have walked all this years creating a contemporary and healthy family business.

Today, the structure of our company, consists of ten retail spots under the name “Unity” in Greece and Cyprus. In both countries there is a whole-sale with our own production brands (Unity, Redistance, Shaikko, Alazonia, Civagar, Dikon) and brands that we represend for Greece (Pelle Pelle, Dirty Velvet, Bellfield)

The key to the harmonious function of our company is the right proportion in the circle of whole-sale, compared to the company’s retail sale spots

The maintenance of the right proportion is the shield to the economic health of our company.

The costumer of the “Unity” stores has the ability to choose clothes and shoes from collections of leader brands of the universal clothing market, (Levis, Fred Perry, G-Star, Converse, Puma, Adidas, Vans, Ioanna Kourbela…), as well as collections of companies and independent designers who establish new trends in the street-fashion scene.

Unity by Haris Ragavis is a strictly family business based in Athens, founded by Harisis Ragavis.

1949 -22th of February.The founder Mr. Harisis Ragavis borned in Nea Ionia in Volos city.

1970 -Harisis Ragavis settled in Athens and start working in a retail clothe store.

1977 -Harisis Ragavis opened his first retail store in Athens at Ermou st.

2004 -He opened the first multibrand street fashion store downtown Athens in Syntagma area.

2005 -Company starts wholesale business by creating wholesale, design and advertising department.

2006 -Opened the second retail store in Monastiraki area under the brand name “Carnaby str”

2009 -Opened a 320 sqm retail store in Monastiraki area under the brand name “UNiTY by Haris Ragavis”

2012 -Opened a UNiTY store in The Mall Athens at Marousi city.

2014 -9th of March, The Founder, our Father, Mr Harisis Ragavis passed away.

2015 -The company housing -warehouse-design dpt-showroom-logistic dpt and an outlet in Athens at Neos Kosmos area in a HQ building.

2015 -Open a UNiTY store in Peristeri city.

2016 -Opened a 320sqm UNiTY store and a wholesale dpt in Nicosia – Cyprus.

2016 -Opened a 230sqm UNiTY store dpt in Chania – Crete.

2018 -Opened a UNiTY store in Volos city.

2018 -Opened a UNiTY store in Chania, under the brand name “Dabliyou”.

2019 -Opened a UNiTY store in Larisa city.